High-Speed Surfing at M̦venpick Hotels & Resorts

To enable much faster, wireless internet access de-signed
especially with the business traveller in mind,
Mövenpick Hotels & Resorts will gradually be
equipped with state-of-the-art data transmission
technology, Wireless Lan (WLAN). After this has been
completed at the locations in Switzerland and Ger-many,
the remaining hotels worldwide will follow
“The aim is to offer our guests the latest communication stan-dards,
so that people on business trips and attending seminars
do not have to do without access to the internet, e-mail and their
corporate network when away from the office. Public Wireless
Lan is guaranteed to boost the attractiveness of the hotel,” ex-plains
Francois Stäubli, Head of Information Technology Möven-pick
Hotels & Resorts.
The hotel guest acquires a WLAN credit balance in the form of a
“Value Card”, available from the hotel reception, which enables
him to log on to the internet via his laptop or notebook without
the need for cable connections. Premises which are equipped
with this technology are known as “hotspots” and will soon be
listed in special hotspot directories on the internet.
“Theoretically, Wireless Lan enables transmission speeds which
are a hundred times faster than a simple ISDN connection. This is
the ideal supplement to our existing data services for our busi-ness
clients,” adds F. Stäubli.
Mövenpick Hotels & Resorts currently has 45 hotels in twelve countries
throughout the world, and offers two different types of hotel: the busi-ness
and conference hotel, and the holiday resort, each tailored to suit
the special needs of their guests. While the business hotels are located
close to the city centres or airports and offer perfect infrastructure for
the business traveller, the holiday resorts are located at extraordinary
destinations. The hotel group currently runs establishments in Germany,
Switzerland, Italy, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Jordan, Egypt,
Qatar, Morocco, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia and Lebanon.