Singapore Airlines Announces Shanghai Service

Singapore Airlines is pleased to announce that from 27 October 2002, it will operate an extra daily service between Singapore and Shanghai.

The additional flight means that Singapore Airlines will operate three daily services between Singapore and Shanghai, which is China’s leading commercial centre. Boeing 777 aircraft will be used on all three flights on the route.

The extra service to Shanghai is in response to rapidly growing demand from both business and leisure travellers for flights to and from the city.

“Shanghai is an extremely important destination for Singapore Airlines. Its vibrancy and fast growth are making Shanghai a rapidly developing business center as well as an increasingly popular holiday spot. We are delighted that we are now able to provide three daily services with a good spread of flights across the day,’’ said Singapore Airlines’ Executive Vice President for Marketing and the Regions, Mr Huang Cheng Eng.

The additional flight will depart Singapore daily at 0705hrs and arrive in Shanghai at midday. It will depart Shanghai for Singapore in the early afternoon, except on Fridays when it will depart Shanghai at 1730hrs.


This means that from 27 October 2002, Singapore Airlines has flights leaving Singapore for Shanghai daily at 0120hrs (arriving at 0615hrs), 0705hrs (arriving at midday) and 1020hrs (arriving at 1515hrs).

From 27 October 2002, the two existing flights from Shanghai to Singapore depart at 0845hrs (arriving at 1415hrs) and 1620hrs (arriving at 2150hrs).

From 27 October 2002, all Singapore Airlines flights to Shanghai will also land and depart from the Pudong International Airport rather than the current Hong Qiao International Airport. The spacious and bright Pudong Airport, which is about 45 minutes by road from the city, was opened in 1999 to cater for the increased air traffic into Shanghai.