easyJet Respond to Media Reports

The following letter was sent yesterday to the editors of all national UK newspapers, regarding concerns over the mis-reporting of safety issues:

Re: recent articles in relation to low cost airlines

I am writing to express my concern about the growing practice in the media of referring to low-cost airlines generically on safety issues when the story actually refers to one or two particular airlines. This can be misleading and, indeed, defamatory. Accordingly, please would you take great care to ensure (in both body copy, headlines, and sub-heads) that easyJet`s reputation is not damaged by reference or inference when your reporter is writing about a different airline or airlines.

When it comes to safety, all UK-registered airlines (scheduled, low-cost, or charter) comply with exactly the same regulations. I should make it clear that safety is always the number one priority at easyJet. Safety comes ahead of financial performance every time. We reduce costs by using the aircraft in our fleet more efficiently and eliminating much of the complexity associated with the air transport industry. There are no short cuts in safety, maintenance, flying, or training.

Yours faithfully


Ray Webster—chief executive, easyJet plc