Delta Unveils Luggage-Less Travel Option

Delta Airlines customers can enjoy more convenient travel and faster airport check-ins by having their luggage or sports equipment picked up at home or office and delivered to their travel destination.

Delta`s revolutionary new luggage-less travel option - powered by Sports Express, LLC - is available through Delta`s website ( ) or by calling toll-free 866-289-9664. The service provides guaranteed door-to-door pickups and deliveries, and professional Travel Concierges proactively ensure delivery for every order.

“We`re delighted to offer this breakthrough in customer service,” said Pat Rary, Delta`s manager of baggage. “Our luggage-less travel option will save customers the hassle of carrying heavy and bulky baggage to the airport. This new customer benefit will save time because travelers won`t have to stand in baggage check-in lines prior to take-off or wait for their items at baggage claim when they land.”

“Delta customers will enjoy traveling light with added peace of mind,” said Rary.
With Delta`s luggage-less travel option, all bags are delivered in advance of the customer`s arrival. Travelers gain added assurances with the option of receiving personalized e-mail or fax notifications throughout the delivery process, and each order is automatically insured to $500 with additional insurance available.

“Getting to and through the airport and then from baggage claim to your final destination with golf clubs, ski equipment, bikes and luggage is what causes many of the travel frustrations,” said Joseph Marqua, chief executive officer of Sports Express, the company powering Delta`s program.


“Our delivery service provides exceptional service and convenience - and it sets Delta apart as an airline that applies an innovative door-to-door solution. Delta is going the extra mile to improve its passengers` curb-to-gate experience by providing ease of travel starting right at the Delta customer`s front door.”

Delivery choices include three-day, two-day, Standard Overnight or Priority Overnight for one-way, round-trip or multiple-leg travel, using FedEx and other trusted shippers. Deliveries can be booked weeks in advance of travel or up to four hours prior to the desired pickup time.

Delta customers can have their luggage, golf clubs, skis, bikes and other sports equipment picked up from and delivered to any destination in United States. For travel to the England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales, door-to-door delivery service is available for golf clubs and sports equipment.

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