SAA: Change of `Transit` Policy

28 August 2002, JOHANNESBURG: Although it was not necessary in the past for passengers using United States airports as transit stops to have American visas, all South African Airways (SAA) passengers are now required to have a valid US visa irrespective of their final destination.
Due to heightened security measures at US airports, SAA will no longer accept passengers travelling to South America and Canada via John F. Kennedy and Atlanta international airports unless they also have valid US visas.
The only exceptions are bona fide US citizens and residents and South African passport holders who are Canadian residents.

SAA would like to remind passengers that the check-in time for passengers travelling to the US is still three-hours prior to departure as stipulated by the US Federal Aviation Administration.

All SAA passengers travelling domestically and abroad are required to carry identity documents with matching photographs. Names on ID’s must match names on tickets. Issued by Corporate Communications