easyJet Applies To Fly BA`s Heathrow - Belfast Service

easyJet today applied for take-off and landing slots at Heathrow for six daily services to Belfast International.

British Airways announced last week that it is to withdraw its London (Heathrow) to Belfast route and bmi British Midland has switched its Heathrow services to Belfast City airport (from Belfast International). This means that from 29 October, there will be no direct service from Heathrow to Belfast International Airport.

easyJet has written to the slot co-ordinator for London Heathrow Airport asking for the take-off and landing slots that BA has vacated.

easyJet is ready and willing to pick-up the slots and fly the route in tandem with its five-daily Luton - Belfast International service.

Ray Webster, easyJet Chief Executive, said:


“Passengers wishing to fly between Heathrow and Belfast should not be inconvenienced just because British Airways is in trouble. If BA cannot make the route work, it should hand over the slots to an airline that can.”