Big Bully BA Tries To Intimidate bmibaby

bmibaby has spoken out at its amazement at the spoiling tactics adopted by BA at opposing its application for an operating license to Jersey from Cardiff International Airport.
Tony Davis, managing director of bmibaby said:
“I am absolutely outraged at BA opposing our application. We knew that it had absolutely no commitment to the people of Wales following its withdrawal of operations to Scotland causing countless job losses but I am amazed at this!
“If BA has no intention of serving the people of Wales with a genuinely good service then throw the towel in and make way for bmibaby. By trying to undermine our operations and disrupt our schedule it is merely showing its desperation to close ranks and protect its highflying fares from Wales. It is disappointing that the national flag carrier can no longer compete and has to resort to archaic licensing procedures to try and prevent competition.
“bmibaby now requires the people power of Wales to topple this big bully, perhaps they should write to British Airways and tell them just what they think about their objection. They have deserted the area and treated travellers with contempt, yet they raise objections in the desperate hope of preventing anyone else from even trying to succeed. It is moves like this that place the whole growth and development of an economically viable route network in jeopardy.”