Crossair Welcomes Capacity Increase In The European Airspace

Crossair welcomes the introduction of RVSM (Reduced Vertical Separation Minima) in Europe. The system enters into force on January 24. After an introductory phase at flight levels between 8, 845 and 12, 505 metres, it will provide appreciably more capacity in the airspace and thus further improve flight punctuality.

All Swissair and Crossair aircraft are equipped with the necessary RVSM systems. As a result of technical problems at BAe Systems, the manufacturer of the Jumbolino fleet, all the aircraft of this type will not receive RVSM certification until a few days after the initial introduction of the new system. This will, however, have little effect on operations because this is primarily an administrative problem between the aircraft manufacturer and the CAA, the British aviation authority.

During the switchover period to the new RVSM procedures, some air traffic control centres will initially reduce their capacity for security reasons. For this reason, some delays will be inevitable during the introduction period. Crossair will do all possible to reduce delays as much as possible.