America West Airlines and Hawaiian Airlines Form Comprehensive Code Share and Marketing Alliance

America West Airlines
(NYSE: AWA) and Hawaiian Airlines (Amex: HA; PCX) have announced a new code
share and marketing partnership that allows both carriers to offer their
customers enhanced travel opportunities and streamlined customer services
across their combined route networks.

The new agreement provides for reciprocal participation in each carrier`s
frequent flyer programs as well as America West`s code sharing on Hawaiian
Airlines flights that link America West`s Phoenix hub with the Hawaiian
islands of Hawaii, Oahu, Maui, Kaui and Molokai. The code share and frequent
flyer program agreements will become effective on October 11, 2002, with
customer bookings beginning in September.

“This alliance gives America West customers a great option for nonstop
service to Hawaii and connecting flights to four other islands. And our
FlightFund members will be able to earn miles on these transpacific flights
and even use their miles to get a free flight to Hawaii,” said Scott Kirby,
America West`s executive vice president, sales and marketing. “We`re thrilled
to be partnering with Hawaiian Airlines and tapping into its expertise on

John B. Happ, Hawaiian Airlines senior vice president for marketing and
sales, said the new partnership will provide significant passenger feed to
Hawaiian`s new daily nonstop Phoenix-Honolulu service from 40 cities across
the country, including New York City, Boston, Washington, D.C., Denver, Tampa,
Salt Lake City and other major travel markets.

“It also offers Hawaiian`s frequent flyers a whole new level of access to
the rest of the country on America West, the largest low-fare hub-and-spoke
airline in the United States.  Using our new nonstop Phoenix service to link
our two route systems, travelers will be able to connect from anywhere in our
Hawaii network to anywhere in America West`s network in the U.S., Canada and
Mexico—and vice-versa—with easy same-terminal connections and seamless
customer service,” Happ said.


Frequent flyer provisions of the new agreement will allow members of
Hawaiian`s HawaiianMiles and America West`s FlightFund programs to earn
mileage credits and use credits for travel awards across the carriers`
respective route systems.

Code sharing, which allows a carrier to sell flights on another carrier as
its own by attaching its two-letter booking code to the other carrier`s
flights listed in worldwide computer reservations systems, provides customers
with more travel options.  At check-in, passengers will receive boarding
passes on both airlines for their connecting code share itineraries.

Hawaiian`s new nonstop Phoenix service will begin operating on October 11,
2002.  The schedule is listed below.  Customers will be able to book
reservations by calling either airline at 1-800-2-FLY-AWA (1-800-235-9292),
1-800-367-5320 from the U.S. mainland or 1-800-882-8811 from the Hawaiian

Hawaiian will operate its new Phoenix service out of Terminal 4 at Sky
Harbor with state-of-the-art, 252-seat Boeing 767-300ER widebody aircraft,
offering the comfort and convenience of a twin-aisle seating configuration in
first and coach classes.

Founded in 1929 as Inter-Island Airways, Hawaiian Airlines is Hawaii`s
largest and longest-serving airline.  From its Honolulu hub, Hawaiian serves
the Islands of Hawaii with more than 140 daily jet flights aboard an all-new
fleet of Boeing 717-200 aircraft.  The nation`s 13th largest carrier, it also
operates nonstop flights to Hawaii from more mainland U.S. points than any
other carrier.  Hawaiian operates 12 round trip flights a day between Hawaii
and eight mainland gateways using widebody DC-10 and new Boeing 767-300ER
aircraft.  Its DC-10 South Pacific service links Honolulu with American Samoa
and Tahiti weekly.  Hawaiian Airlines has earned numerous international awards
for service and most recently was rated the top U.S. carrier overall in the
“Premium” category in the 2001 Zagat Survey.  Additional information on
Hawaiian Airlines is available via the airline`s Web site at .

America West Airlines is the nation`s largest low-fare, hub-and-spoke
airline. Founded in 1983, it is the only carrier formed since deregulation to
achieve major airline status. Today, America West is the nation`s eighth-
largest carrier and serves 88 destinations in the U.S., Canada and Mexico.
America West is a wholly owned subsidiary of America West Holdings
Corporation, an aviation and travel services company with 2001 sales of
$2.1 billion.