Gulf Air Launches New Flight Operations And Control System

As part of the continued drive to improve On-Time Performance and customer service, Gulf Air, the flagship carrier of Abu Dhabi, Bahrain, Oman and Qatar, has introduced AirOps, one of the world`s most advanced flight management systems.

AirOps, which is a system used by many of the world`s leading airlines and has been enhanced and customised by Gulf Air over the last 12 months for its own use, allows a `real-time` visual display and control of Gulf Air`s entire fleet.

In addition to providing each individual aircraft`s scheduled and actual flight information over five-day period, it carries comprehensive passenger data, including passenger numbers by seating class and flight transfer details.

Tariq Hatim Sultan, Assistant Vice President of Information Technology asserts that AirOps is a major advancement in aircraft monitoring and fleet management, which will provide real passenger benefits in terms of flight punctuality and regularity.

“AirOps is a customer driven system which minimises the impact of any enforced delay. In addition to recognising a potential schedule problem, it allows Gulf Air to respond in a fraction of the time it took previously. For instance, a change in aircraft operations can now be completed within two to three minutes, in comparison to 20 to 30 minutes it would have taken with the old system.


“Gulf Air`s operations team headed by Tom Powell, Manager Operations Control, has worked very hard to customise the system to satisfy the airline`s unique needs. It has already had a significant impact on On-Time Performance, but it will eventually have far reaching benefits in terms of maintenance and crew planning, as well as optimising flight assignments,” Tariq commented.

Currently, the AirOps system receives operational and movement messages sent from Gulf Air offices and stations throughout its global network. However, Gulf Air intends to implement systems for the automatic capture of flight data, sent directly via satellite from onboard aircraft computers.

The airline is continually making enhancements, and as part of a community of leading airlines that share advancements in AirOps systems, pioneering developments made by Gulf Air, will eventually benefit passenger air travel around the world.