Cathay Pacific Implements New Roster Practices

Cathay Pacific Airways today announced the smooth introduction of its new roster practices which allow pilots to earn significantly higher levels of overtime pay. A total of 1,561 pilots will move to the new overtime scheme, whilst 47 have chosen to stay on the current scheme. Of those moving to the new scheme, 239 will start today and the remainder will do so at their next birthday.

The new scheme allows pilots to earn overtime pay on a monthly basis rather than on an annual basis. Cathay Pacific gave all of its pilots a choice of two overtime schemes and will maintain both schemes in parallel.

Cathay Pacific continues to operate normally. The airline has now released all of the aircraft it chartered to help it maintain a reliable schedule when facing the threat of industrial action and the impact of Typhoon Utor. All flights are now being operated by Cathay Pacific`s own aircraft and crews.

Today Cathay Pacific plans to operate 137 flights. As of 5pm approximately 82% of flights had departed within 15 minutes of schedule, in line with normal industry standards.