Canadian Pacific Hotels And Air Canada Soar To New Heights

Air Canada and Canadian Pacific Hotels today announced a marketing partnership that will allow Aeroplan members to earn miles at any of the 34 Canadian Pacific Hotels across North America and the Caribbean. Air Canada`s extensive network provides direct routes to most Canadian Pacific Hotels destinations including their newest properties in Scottsdale Arizona, Barbados and Bermuda. The deal will become effective July 1, 1999.
“Air Canada and Canadian Pacific Hotels, with their mutual focus on business and premium international travellers, share strategies and objectives that are strikingly similar. Air Canada has the largest share of domestic and international traffic and continues to increase its global presence through its Star Alliance network,” says Brian Richardson, Vice President Marketing of Canadian Pacific Hotels. Canadian Pacific Hotels acquired Princess Hotels in August 1998 and announced plans to create a new hotel management company, Fairmount, earlier this month. The new company will have hotels in major U.S. cities.
“We are delighted to welcome Canadian Pacific Hotels to Aeroplan. Air Canada`s long-standing relationship in the tourism industry with Canadian Pacific Hotels has now been further strengthened,” says Rupert Duchesne, Air Canada`s Vice President, Marketing. “We have a similar approach to service and customer satisfaction. Canadian Pacific Hotels guests are used to the best in luxury accommodations and business services at destinations, while we at Air Canada provide the best in convenient schedules and award-winning service during travel.”
This partnership brings with it new business opportunities. Work is currently underway on tourism development programs and incentives for Aeroplan members flying with Air Canada and staying at Canadian Pacific Hotels. Canadian Pacific Hotels will no longer be a member of the Canadian Plus program.