Air Canada Welcomes Federal Air Security Measures

Air Canada welcomed the federal government`s
announcement today of aviation security measures tabled in its 2001 budget.

“We commend the federal government for undertaking these vital and
necessary security initiatives,” said Robert Milton, President and Chief
Executive Officer. “In particular, we fully support the creation of a federal
air security authority, the implementation of a Canadian Sky Marshal program,
the enhancement of passenger and baggage screening at airports and the
provision of funding for the permanent reinforcement of cockpit doors.”

“As we study the details of the security measures contained in the 2001
budget over the coming days, we look forward to working with the federal
government in the implementation of these important initiatives,” concluded
Mr. Milton.

  Since the terrorist attacks of September 11 in the United States, Air
Canada has urged the federal government to ensure that security screening at
airports is conducted by a federal agency in full coordination with the
Government`s policing, national defense and intelligence resources. Consistent
with the carrier`s first priority of ensuring the safety of customers, crew
and aircraft, Air Canada became the first airline in Canada on November 14 to
reinforce the cockpit doors of all its aircraft with security devices.