Taxiing Into The Record Books

British Airways is taxiing into the record books with one of the UK’s longest ever advertising poster, unveiled today (Monday March 2nd) on London’s Cromwell Road.

The monster design, promoting the unrivalled frequency of the airline’s UK domestic Shuttle services, measures 250 ft long and 20 ft high - bigger than a 747 jumbo jet.

A team of 12 builders has been working for the past five weeks to finish the record breaking poster on a brand new advertising supersite on Cromwell Road - the busiest road in Europe.

More O’Ferrall, the site’s owners, estimate that over one million people a week will pass by the advertisement during its three-week appearance.

It is the highlight of the latest British Airways advertising campaign, developed by M&C Saatchi, and features a row of aircraft disguised as taxis with the message ’ British Airways Shuttle. More frequent than anyone else, guv’.


Martin George, British Airways Director of Marketing, said: ” We were looking for a symbol of reliability and frequency and the great British taxi was the obvious choice - just like the Shuttle there’s always one when you need one.”

Britain’s favourite taxi driver, Fred Housego will swap travel tips with Shuttle pilot Richard Parkinson when the final touches are made to the six billboard site at dawn today (Monday) flanked by a fleet of black cabs from London’s Dial-a-Cab.

Fred said, ” We always knew we had the best taxi drivers in the world and it’s great to see British Airways giving us such a massive plug!”.

Pictures will be available from Stuart Goldstein, Eyecatchers on 0181 886 0101.