LOT Polish And American Airlines Add 10 New Code-Share Gateways

Less than a year and a half after starting their code-share agreement for flights from Miami and Los Angeles to Warsaw, LOT Polish and American Airlines are substantially expanding their alliance by adding 10 new gateways in the U.S.

* Beginning February 27th, LOT and American started sharing flights to Warsaw from the following cities:

* Washington—Dulles (via New York)

* Boston (via New York)
Seattle (via Chicago)

* San Francisco (via New York and Chicago)


* Dallas (via New York and Chicago)

And beginning March 4th, LOT and American will add Washington (National), Phoenix, Denver, Syracuse and Cleveland to this code-share list of cities. The Washington and Syracuse flights will connect through JFK; the others will connect through Chicago`s O`Hare International Airport.

As their agreement states, American operates the service within the United States and LOT handles the trans-Atlantic portion from either New York or Chicago. All trans-Atlantic service is aboard one of LOT`s new Boeing 767 widebody jets.

“The success of our initial code-share agreement with American has led us to expand our relationship five-fold,” said Marek Sidor, LOT`s general director for North American operations. “We fully expect to experience the same kind of positive results on these new routes. ”

LOT and American began sharing flights September 16, 1996 on Miami-New York-Warsaw and Los Angeles-Chicago-Warsaw routes. These routes have since been expanded to include Miami-Chicago-Warsaw and L.A.-New York-Warsaw. The code-share agreement was made possible when the Polish and U.S. governments signed an Air Traffic Agreement in 1987.