Photo Library Now Held By Press Association

London, Thursday, May 27, 1999: British Airways has consolidated its media photo library at the Press Association, the leading UK news and photo agency. The aim is to make high quality images more widely and easily available to the media.

Around 100 British Airways photographs for general media use are available free of charge via the Press Association`s bulletin board system. They include a wide selection of pictures of:

* The aircraft types in the airline`s fleet, in the air and on the ground

* Services offered to customers - First class, Club World, Club Europe, World Traveller

* People, including directors, senior executives and staff in uniform


* Airports and lounges

* The London Eye, the giant wheel being built over London`s Thames, sponsored by British Airways

More pictures will be added in the future.

News organisations anywhere in the world can select and download the pictures they want quickly and simply.

The images are found in “British Airways” under the PixElect corporate icon on the Press Association’s Bulletin Board.

Any media organisations which do not already have access to this can call Alexandra Thompson, at the Press Association, on (+44) 0171 963 7531. To view the images, all you need is a Mac or PC computer with an ISDN or standard modem phone line. Alexandra will arrange for you to download the free software you will need, and give you a sign-on code and password. To download pictures, you will need Photoshop software or an equivalent. Again, call Alex for further information.

This is a free service. Bonafide media organisations will not be charged for the pictures selected or for downloading them - other than the cost of the phone call.

Hard copies of pictures will still be available for the few remaining news organisations who do not yet manage their pictures electronically.