Concorde Is Back

The world’s fastest passenger jet returns to the skies on Wednesday, November, 7.

A British Airways Concorde packed with some of the UK’s top business leaders and hosted by the airline’s chief executive Rod Eddington is set to depart at 10.30am, arriving just over three hours later at New York’s JFK airport at 9.25am.

Rod Eddington said: “Concorde is back. Its return comes at a symbolic time.

“British business leaders have been invited on this first flight as a thank you for their support for Concorde over the years and to reaffirm our commitment to business travel between the UK and USA. We look forward to carrying our customers supersonically on our flagship plane for many years to come.”

Also onboard will be representatives from the government, the aviation industry and the media.


New York’s Mayor, Rudolph Giuliani, will welcome Concorde’s return in New York.
Mayor Giuliani, said: “New York has been home to Concorde for more than 20 years and it is with great pride that we welcome this symbol of European and American commerce back to New York. Welcome home Concorde. You were missed.”

British Airways is resuming Concorde flights with an initial six times a week service between London Heathrow and New York JFK, and from December a weekly service from Heathrow to Barbados.