Support For Open Skies Agreement

British Airways has stated its support for an open skies agreement, in advance of this week’s UK/US Air Services talks.

Andrew Cahn, British Airways’ Director of Government and Industry Affairs, said:

“We have long supported the Government`s approach on open skies to create a more deregulated environment across the Atlantic but in a way which secures genuine benefits for UK aviation and consumers. There are already thirteen airlines which fly between the UK and the USA in the most competitive transatlantic market place.

“A properly structured open skies agreement and the anti trust immunities which would have to go with it, could enable the global aviation alliances to go even further by giving customers more - an extended network, enhanced services and better connections, lower costs and a lively competitive environment.

“It is also vital that such an agreement recognises the way Heathrow has developed in recent years. It is the only transatlantic hub for more than one alliance and it is having to contend with ever more powerful competition from Frankfurt and Paris CDG.”