New TV Commercial Goes Behind the Scenes of American Airlines Exclusive “More Room Thoughout Coach”

FORT WORTH, Texas - American Airlines unveiled its latest commercial today, showing the company`s transition to the exclusive “More Room Throughout Coach” seating.

“Eight hundred, seventy-five planes,” the commercial begins. “Nine thousand, six hundred eighty-nine seats removed.” In just 30 seconds, the commercial takes the viewer from planning to completion of the most innovative initiative the industry has seen to provide passenger comfort to air travelers.

More than two years after the company announced its plan to remove seats from the coach section of its entire fleet, American remains the only airline to offer extra legroom throughout the coach section all its airplanes.

“We want to make sure that our customers can see the difference between the airline that provides comfort and others who want to make them believe they do,” said Mike Gunn, executive vice president of Marketing and Planning for American. “We are the only airline to invest the time and resources into adding additional space in every coach cabin, in every airplane in our fleet. And we did not ask our customers to pay more for it.”

“More Room Throughout Coach” has been immensely popular. Since the first “More Room” airplane went into service in 2000, American has received thousands of letters, emails and phone calls from travelers saying thanks for the comfort.


“I appreciate being able to book Motorola executives on any seat on an American plane and know that they will have enough space to work on their laptop, to get in and out of their seats, stretch their legs and relax,” said Jeff Walker, director of Corporate Travel for Motorola.

The commercial will air beginning April 24 in seven markets, including New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and Boston. Spots on national cable will air on premium, high-profile networks such as CNN, CNBC, A&E and The History Channel.