Dolphin “FlightScanner” in Popular Demand

Dolphin Dynamics Ltd
, developers of Dolphin for Windows, the leading edge office automation system for travel agencies, is pleased to announce that FlightScanner has been received enthusiastically by the travel agency community.

Following its release 10 days ago, over 1,100 users have registered at (
to speed low cost airline searches using Dolphin?fs FlightScanner.

FlightScanner boosts agent productivity much more than other search engines as it not only searches across multiple airline web sites in real time from a single search screen but it also takes the agent directly to the actual booking page of the selected carrier?fs website without having to re-enter any of the itinerary detail.  Most other search engines simply take the user to the home page of the selected carrier.

FlightScanner users have given positive feedback, since signing up over the past two weeks, claiming that the flight scanner is an excellent tool that is both time saving and user friendly.
Dolphin Dynamics President, Roberto Da Re
says, ?gWe are very pleased by the reception of FlightScanner. We knew it was going to be a hit from the feedback that we had from our beta testers but the actual response has exceeded our highest expectations. We are still registering over 150 users per day, with no sign of slowing down. Considering the success of the initiative we have also decided to speed up some of our additional development and we will soon release an updated version with a few requested enhancements”.
He added “Now that transaction fees are becoming the norm, most of the feedback we received is that FlightScanner is a tool that can really make a difference to agency?fs bottom line by enabling travel agents to quickly find the information necessary giving them an edge over Internet savvy customers and enabling them to service corporate customers who always expect the best deal.?h

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