`Travelocity Can` Branding Campaign


Travelocity.com, the most
popular travel site on the Web, and its advertising agency of record, The
Richards Group, are set to launch “Travelocity Can,” a new $40-million
branding campaign consisting of TV, radio, print and online advertising.

Highlighting the travel possibilities available through the Web site and
888-Travelocity, the campaign presents Travelocity.com as more than just an
online travel site; it is a “travel dream factory” that serves as the ultimate
consumer resource for all travel needs.  The two 30-second TV spots begin
airing May 28; print and online advertising will follow.
“Travel is such a personal product and consumers need a resource that
satisfies travel needs at the individual level,” said Michael Stacy, senior
vice president of consumer marketing for Travelocity.com.  “Travelocity Can
really showcases the tools and resources available through Travelocity.com
that create a consumer shopping experience unparalleled in the industry:
confident, informed buyers can create virtually any travel experience they
“Wedding,” one of two new 30-second TV spots, features travelers in places
all over the world, highlighting the resources available through
Travelocity.com that helped them get there.  The second 30-second spot,
“Elephant,” shows people experiencing things they never dreamed possible, such
as renting an elephant, with the help of Travelocity.com travel tools,
including Dream Maps, which shows consumers a range of destinations and flight
costs within a specified budget, and Intellideck, an interactive function that
lets consumers take a virtual tour of cruise ships so they can book the right
cabin on the right cruise ship.
“Across the whole campaign, we`ve tried to identify with the core emotions
people get from travel - the thrill of seeing around the next corner, the joy
of gathering new stories and experiences to relive later, or simply
reconnecting with a loved one,” said David Hall, principal for The Richards
.  “So we feature real-life people describing how Travelocity helped them
plan their entire trip.”

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