Rogner Network and THEBA-Saalachtal GmbH as Project Partner of Thermal Resort in St. Martin Near Lof

Rogner with its profound know-how in the wellness and spa business now also becomes active in Salzburg. The finding of thermal water in the Kalkalpen mountains led to the realization of a project with strong regional features in St. Martin near Lofer, with Rogner as project partner. Furthermore it is meant as a booster for investments and expansion activities of existing enterprises.

Unken has already been a spa around the turn of the last century. It was closed in the twenties despite its great popularity. Leogang too, had healing water. The former German President Theodor Heu§ and Herbert von Karajan count among the most prominent guests. During the 19th century princes and archbishops visited Bad Fusch.

The former geologist of the province, Rudolf Vogeltanz, pointed out the possibility of thermal water deposits in the Saalach valley. In July 23, 1999, the seven municipalities of Unken, Lofer, St. Martin, Wei§bach, Saalfelden, Maria Alm and Leogang founded the working community ARGE THEBA-Saalachtal with its managing director Michael Payer, mainly focusing on finding thermal water and subsequently building a unique, health promoting thermal landscape.

According to research results of Univ.-Prof. Johann Goldbrunner, from a geological point of view St. Martin near Lofer is the first location, with the intersection of Wildental and Kirchental providing the ideal drilling site. As a consequence the ARGE THEBA-Saalachtal changed its name to THEBA-Saalachtal GmbH on March 29, 2001. The drilling start on May 22, 2001 showed a temperature of 40 degrees Celsius at the floor and an output of 3,7 litre of water (in 2236 meters depth) per second in free flow. Chemical test proved perfect water quality.

The finding of thermal water has made a dream come true for everyone in St. Martin, which now is about to realize a thermal spa project with the help of Rogner. The creation of a health oasis is planned to go hand in hand with special package offers and strong efforts to make the people in this region aware for health issues. New vacancies for medical doctors, physiotherapists, masseurs, beauticians will automatically create jobs in this region, with possible 250 directly and as many indirectly jobs related to the spa. A real boon for the Untere Saalach valley which has been missing important economic impetus for years. The entry in the EU Leader Programme holds additional chances.


Robert Rogner sen. guarantees a best possible project realization. The Carinthian builder is known as visionary pioneer in the tourist industry, especially in the wellness branch and will lead this unique project to success. “The Rogner group only engages in promising projects,” says Robert Rogner jun. from the Rogner network, and “this project has the best preconditions with the municipalities and the people involved fully backing it. We will draw up a tailor-made concept based on the existing resources, resulting in something outstanding.” General Manager of Rogner-Bad Blumau, Alfred Hackl, is convinced that “in the near future this region can be found on every map.”