launches Hotel Call Center, the definitive site for the traveler on a budget, has announced the grand opening of their Hotel Call Center.
With the use of the latest technology, agents are immediately brought up to speed on customers?Elodging needs.

The process is simple. At any point in the search or booking process, a customer may click on the phone icon prominently displayed on every page of HotelWiz® (,’s hotel booking engine.The customer is prompted to call a toll free 1-877-HOTELWIZ, which will connect him or her to a hotel agent.

Upon speaking with the agent, the customer provides a unique discount code, which is automatically generated when he or she clicks on the phone icon. The discount code allows the agent to instantly view the customer’s lodging or destination preferences. No time is wasted informing the agents about information already entered in the online search process.

Once a booking is complete, the process is identical to the completion of an online transaction. Customers will receive not only a confirmation email, but also an email voucher to present to the hotel upon arrival, which verifies payment.’s Hotel Call Center offers the same selection and low rates as available online through HotelWiz. Travelers have access to instant availability at over 54,000 hotels worldwide, as well as over 2,000 Showcase Properties.
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