Uniglobe in Marketing Alliance with iBank.

Uniglobe Travel
(USA) and Cornerstone Information Systems have signed a marketing agreement that will enable Uniglobe travel agencies in the U.S. to consolidate both pre and post travel data for individual or globally networked clients via Cornerstone?fs iBank Travel Management solution.

iBank is a Web-based information management solution that enables an agency and its clients to access comprehensive pre and post travel information via the Internet. iBank uses the workstation as its source for gathering travel-booking information, then sends the data via the Internet to a secure server where it is available for up-to-the-minute reporting. Agencies offering full travel management services use iBank to assemble information for vendor negotiations, manage override agreements, monitor policy compliance and provide detailed pre and post trip travel spend reporting to customers.

?gAs our UNIGLOBE agencies drive forward from the old ?edistribution?f business model of retail travel to the new ?epurchasing?f business model, they will benefit from access to the tools that facilitate procurement and that offer significant controls on client purchasing. These are clearly the competitive factors in global travel management services going forward. Through our new relationship with Cornerstone, our U.S. agencies will have access to the high level of data consolidation and reporting sophistication delivered by the iBank product at a price that will allow them to remain competitive operationally and thus within their fee structures,?h said Michelle Desreux, Senior Vice President, Global Operations for Uniglobe Travel (International).

Currently there are over 32,000 users of iBank worldwide. On average 4,000 users generate 10,000 reports daily. The iBank data center manages information on over 8 million trips making this one of the largest repositories for travel information in the world.