Jupiter Media Matrix Findings

Americans who have been online two years or more and who say the Internet is an important source of entertainment on the job are far more likely to own a Web-enabled phone than people who are relatively new to the Web. But, they are only 15% of the total online audience. Although now only small part of the market, these tech-savvy consumers` demands for service is moving faster than the providers` ability to provide mobile services.

These are some of the findings in a new report from Jupiter Media Metrix
, a major company in the field of Internet and new technology analysis and measurement. Jupiter Media Metrix has released what it described as “the most comprehensive and accurate media planning tool to provide advertising agencies, advertisers and media sellers with the highest level of data insight to identify and target online audiences.”

The company said that unlike other media planning services, which rely on unreliable and often dated Internet-usage data derived from consumers` recollection of sites they`ve visited, Media Metrix` Audience insite Measures (AiM) is the only service to constantly meter online usage behavior on the PC and combine that data with the most detailed qualitative consumer information, including demographic, lifestyle, attitudinal, purchasing and offline media-consumption data.

“Media planning tools based off of consumer recall data provided great insight for advertisers and publishers, but there is a new standard now,” said Will Hodgman, president of Jupiter Media Metrix` Measurement Group. “With its intuitive Web interface and ability to intersect actual metered online-usage data with extensive qualitative data from the same audience panel, AiM enables marketers to pinpoint and segment their audiences across all online media.”

Hodgman said AiM enables advertisers and advertising agencies to select sites based on key attributes such as audience composition, online purchase behavior and offline media-consumption data.
As for wireless and broadband use, the Jupiter report says PlugIns are 14% and 62% more likely than Mainstreets and Newbies, respectively, to own a Web-enabled cell phone. However, AiM data indicate that tech-savvy consumers` desire to own these devices is soundly outpacing service providers` ability to integrate the functionality into customers` lives.


Compared to the overall online population, Mainstreets are 106% and 96% more likely to not access the Internet via cell phones. In terms of favored wireless providers, PlugIns are 60% more likely to use Verizon Wireless compared to the overall population, followed by 51% for SprintPCS and 40% for AT&T Wireless.

Previous studies indicate that Internet users` propensity to purchase online is related to online tenure, and the new AiM data reaffirm this: PlugIns are 21% more likely that the overall online audience to make an online purchase in the next six months. They ere 23% more likely than Mainstreets and 69% more likely than Newbies. Among all PlugIns, 67% reported they were likely to make an online purchase in the next six months, followed by 54% of all Mainstreets and 29% of all Newbies.

Compared to the total online audience, PlugIns are 136% more likely to leave a job in the next six months, while Mainstreets are 16% less likely and Newbies are 8% less likely. PlugIns are 48% more likely to change marital status over the next six months, while Mainstreets and Newbies are 2 and 29% less likely, respectively. Lastly, PlugIns are 44% more likely than the overall online audience to expect to have or adopt a child in the next six months, while Mainstreets and Newbies are only 4% and 8% more likely, respectively.

The Jupiter Media Metrix analysis also found that PlugIns use the Web as a source of entertainment and information, spending their time on sites associated with television networks, news organizations, finance and computers and technology. Their favorite sites were HBO.COM, ComputerWorld.com, Fox.com and NYPost.com. Mainstreets` favorite sites were geared toward finance, books, sports and local guides. Mainstreets` favorite sites were Investors.com, Foolmart.com, BOMC.com and Kitchenaid.com. Lastly, Newbies tend to gravitate toward basic sites, including fun pages, greetings, trivia and search. Newbies` favorite sites were LOLFun.com, StartEasy.com, Sprite.com, and MyBeautyCenter.com

Jupiter Media Metrix services include Media Metrix, AdRelevance, Jupiter Research and Site Measurement. The company is headquartered in New York City.