Excambria Delivers First Secure Solution for Internet Bookings.

recently announced what they say is the industry`s first secure solution for integrated searches and bookings of GDS, consolidator and Internet fares.
Margin Maker v2.0, the Excambria tool for integrated fare searches and bookings, is unique: it installs on the agency`s or corporation`s LAN, and resides behind the enterprise`s firewall. All Margin Maker v2.0 operations use the enterprise`s own GDS line and terminal addresses. This secure architecture allows the agency or corporation to maintain control of proprietary information, guard clients` credit card information, and protect customer lists and client confidentiality.

“Unlike website-based or ASP offerings, Margin Maker v2.0 is completely under the agency`s control and fits easily into the agency`s existing computer security practices,?h said Vajid Jafri , Excambria`s Chief Executive Officer.

Typically travel agencies maintain detailed customer profiles in secure GDS databases or in their own internal database. The profile moves into the active PNR when a PNR is started. The profile includes customer name and contact information, credit card numbers, travel preferences and frequent flyer accounts, and other information. This customer information comprises one of the most valuable assets that a travel agency owns.

Margin Maker v2.0 is a split-screen product that installs on agency desktops. The product allows agents to continue using their regular GDS commands, and returns them fares from their own GDS and low-cost net fares from a multitude of Internet sites and other data sources. Margin Maker v2.0 also allows agencies to add their own mark-ups to net fares, and integrates transaction data with their existing back-office accounting and management systems.

Excambria developed its technology in close cooperation with experts in computer security Lockheed Martin Corporation and IBM. Investors include Lockheed Martin, Garage Technology Ventures and Sunflower Capital.



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