New Advertising Campaign Launching Today

This morning, (Nasdaq:PCLN) kicks off a new radio advertising campaign, featuring none other than world-famous actor and longtime celebrity spokesman William Shatner. 

Mr. Shatner won`t be singing this time around. Instead, he`s teaming up with a new co-spokesperson (spokes-thing, actually) - the super computer that toils day and night to find airline tickets, hotel rooms and other travel products at discounts of up to 40 percent or more over retail.

Earlier this year, Mr. Shatner renewed his contract to appear in radio and TV advertisements. “Over the years, my relationship with has broadened, from a celebrity spokesman to a customer who has enjoyed the significant savings benefits of,” said Mr. Shatner. “ is a company that delivers real value to consumers, and I`m honored to continue representing”

“Given the futuristic side of William Shatner, the new campaign is a natural and lends itself to both radio and TV treatments,” said Chief Marketing Officer Brett Keller. “It`s fun, it cuts through. It also focuses squarely on what differentiates in today`s travel industry. Like the tireless computer in the spots, won`t stop until we get our customers the deepest savings possible on airline tickets, hotel rooms and rental cars. In fact, we tell customers to do all the research they want on the Internet and then name an even better price on That`s why Internet experts like Yahoo! Internet Life recognized for having the best travel deals on the Web for 2002.” also intends to work its upcoming ad theme into a series of online promotions.