United Airlines` Priority Security Checkpoint Lanes Continue to Give Dual Benefit to Customers

Transportation Security Administration Lauded For Putting Customers First

United Airlines (NYSE: UAL) today reassured its customers that its priority security checkpoint lanes will continue to assist the airline in making their airport experience more hassle-free at seven of the airports that United serves.

United was the first airline to introduce the very popular lanes for United’s First Class customers, Pass Plus customers, Mileage Plus 1K and Premier Executive members and STAR Alliance Gold members at Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, New York (JFK), Newark, Boston and in Seattle.  In Seattle, United offers Priority Lanes to United’s 1K Mileage Plus and Premier Executive members.

Pete McDonald, United’s senior vice president for Airport Operations, thanked the Transportation Security Administration for working with the airline to ensure its most frequent fliers can continue to enjoy the benefits of the priority lanes.  “These lanes really benefit all travelers because they spread the number of people over a greater number of lanes,” McDonald said.  “Our customers can continue to travel with the highest levels of safety and security this industry has known, while at the same time move more efficiently through the airport.”