Partnership Between iHotelier & Northwind

iHotelier, a division of Webvertising, Inc. and Northwind, Inc. have recently partnered to develop a two-way interface between the iHotelier web-based Central Reservation System (CRS) and the Northwind Maestro Property Management System (PMS). 
Both companies are known for their top-notch client service and innovative hospitality solutions; this partnership will clearly help benefit one another and their clientele.

The direct interface will eliminate allocation issues that hoteliers come across when working on multiple systems.  Normally, property managers must manage inventory from their PMS then allocate accordingly to their CRS, GDS and web systems.  Upon completion of this interface, property managers will have to only access one system for their electronic distribution management, dramatically maximizing their work efficiency.

“Our biggest asset is our people at iHotelier.  For us, the process of developing new products relies on the coordination and communication between our group of talented developers and our seasoned hospitality team?h, says Dirk Cameron, iHotelier Chief Operating Officer.  He continues, ?g At iHotelier, we have made a commitment to developing interfaces with PMS vendors that fit within our strategic growth plan.  The partnership with Northwind fits within this plan. At iHotelier, we recognize that interface development is a very challenging process and requires a unique set of skills - skills that we possess at iHotelier within our Technology Director, Dayang Dai, and his team of talented developers. ”