SolarNet Launches Live Booking Capability

SolarNet (Solars Computing Systems
Inc.; listed CDNX “SCS” and OTC US “SCSIF”), a leading provider of business-to-
business information management and electronic distribution solutions for the
travel industry, announced today the signing of four new contracts for use of
SolarNet`s Real-Time Booking Engine, announced January 14, 2002.
This brings the number of consolidators contracted to use SolarNet`s new
live booking capability to five and SolarNet expects to have all five
consolidators implemented during February 2002. The five initial consolidators
collectively are responsible for in excess of 800,000 PNRs (Passenger Name
Records) per annum. A PNR can represent one person or a family traveling under
the same booking. SolarNet receives US$7.00 per PNR booked on SolarNet.
Moondeep Aggarwal, Systems Support Manager at Skybird Travel and Tours,
stated, “We need the booking capability offered by SolarNet. Electronic
booking is what the travel agents want and an automated booking process will
save us considerable operational expense in comparison to our current manual
system of making agent bookings over the phone.”
The addition of live booking capabilities completes SolarNet`s
consolidator fare management and distribution solution. SolarNet`s new
technology enables 95% of travel agencies worldwide, an estimated 450,000
travel agents, to have instant access—free of charge—to a consolidator`s
fare inventories to: check seat availability; view fare rules; complete a live
booking; and receive a confirmed Passenger Name Record (PNR).
Travel agents have desktop access through their GDS to SolarNet`s
inventory of participating air consolidator fares simply by typing an
appropriate SolarNet access code.