U.S. DOT Wins Intranet Award.

The U.S. Department of Transportation intranet, DOTnet, was selected by the leading web reviewers, the Nielsen Norman Group, as one of the “10 best intranets of 2001.”

DOTnet is the only federal web site to have received this prestigious award. In the report, Intranet Design Annual: The Ten Best Intranets of 2001, co-author and world renowned internet design expert, Jakob Neilsen, cited the clean look, ease of navigation, and community collaboration features as key elements in the selection of DOTnet for inclusion in the top ten. “DOTnet is an important component of the Department`s E-Government strategy,” said Eugene Taylor, the Department`s Deputy Chief Information Officer. “It is a key electronic tool that, for the first time, provides employees department-wide the ability to work collaboratively on crosscutting issues. We are honored that DOTnet has been recognized as one of the top ten intranets in the world.”

Unveiled in June of this year, DOTnet aligns DOT staff nationwide to work, collaborate, and communicate electronically. The site provides employees across the country with easy access to information and a variety of electronic resources. Personalization features help employees quickly find the information they need, when they need it. Collaboration tools help employees work together to solve common issues across agency organizational boundaries. News, Weather, and What`s Hot features keep employees informed up to the minute on important matters. A `My DOT` feature, allows employees to tailor the DOTnet screen layout to meet their unique needs.

Designed by Burke Consortium, an information technology solutions firm located in Alexandria, VA, DOTnet builds on the results of previous internet products and tools developed for the Department of the Navy, and leverages lessons learned by other government agencies. “We are pleased that our work has been recognized by world-renowned experts,” said Janey Nodeen, President of Burke Consortium. “We are grateful that DOT gave us the opportunity to help build the foundation for their E-Government strategy.” “We are thrilled that the product Burke Consortium delivered has been honored in this manner.”

“We have similar projects underway for the Naval Sea Systems Command and the Department of Health and Human Services.” “By incorporating lessons learned, we are continuing to build on the success of DOTnet to help other federal agencies deliver results to their customers effectively and efficiently.”