Tanya Streeter to record Public Service Announcement for ACAP

The worlds leading free diver Tanya Streeter will be joining ACAP (Asian Conservation Awareness Program) spokesperson Jackie Chan to record a video message intended to aid the program’s campaign to stop the senseless slaughter of wild animals and marine mammals for human profit and entertainment.

The group’s primary objective is to reduce consumer demand for endangered wildlife products by directly influencing the attitudes of the consumer by education. What ACAP stands for best is reflected in the campaign message “When the buying stops, the killing can to”
The message will be recorded later this year in the UK and will be seen by over 500 million people each week. ACAP is an international campaign of the conservation group, WildAid, and has an innovative approach to wildlife conservation efforts.
Working with celebrities such as Jackie Chan, Minnie Driver and Ralph Fiennes, ACAP strives to engage the widest media support to create an extensive, international platform from which to spread the conservation message.
The committed support of ACAP`s media partners, including CCN International, Bloomberg and Discovery channels, are helping ACAP commercials and celebrity public service announcements to achieve this goal.
commented “I am overwhelmed and honored to have been asked to help in such a high-profile campaign and hope that my contribution, together with those of other celebrities who have joined the fight, helps to stop the senseless slaughter of the many creatures that bring beauty to our planet.”

ACAP is delighted that Tanya will be filming a message for them. Steve Trent, ACAP’s Director says ‘The world’s oceans and the species that inhabit them are under great threat, with important coastal habitats and wild species disappearing at an alarming rate. Tanya’s profile, dedication and passion for the marine environment will be a real bonus for us and help to raise awareness of the need to conserve our dwindling natural resources’.

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