Twinkle Toes: Predictions for Longest Lasting Pedicure

The Bio Sculpture Pedicure is a salon treatment that creates very natural looking long lasting nail colour that promises to last 6 weeks without budging. Loved by Amanda Holden, Bio Sculpture hi-gloss Gel lasts longer than any other pedicure system as the colour is set in place under a UVA lamp.

What happens?
Feet are cleansed, cuticles shaped and Executive Base, a simple nail protector is painted onto the nail base. The Bio Sculpture Gel is painted across the nail. It’s cured under a UV lamp for 2 minutes, then gently buffed. Bio Sculpture Gel sets to a shiny, flexible finish that expands and contracts with your natural nail as the temperature changes. It moves with the nail allowing it to breathe.
The therapist then gently shapes the nail with a file. The gel is available in over 50 amazing, permanent colours, as well as non-yellowing French.
Colours range from pastel Iridescent Ices in Lilac, Ice-Pink, Peach and Yellow
To deeper high gloss Reds and Pinks, Blues and Violets.

No time is needed to paint the gel as it is pre-coloured. This means, the permanent pedicure is quick, it lasts, and the colour does not chip, flake or peel.  This system enables a much thinner application than regular gels, looking natural but lasts much longer than conventional pedicures.
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