BWIA and LIAT to Code Share Operations

BWIA West Indies Airways has commenced its planned code-sharing operations with its sister airline LIAT (1974) Ltd.

With effect from 1st August 2003, BWIA passengers have been able to take advantage of new BWIA intra-Caribbean services between Antigua, Barbados, St Vincent, St Maarten, St Kitts, Tortola and Nevis.
These flights are offered as BWIA services in conjunction with international flights from London Heathrow, Manchester, New York JFK and Miami International.
The new services are the result of a wide-ranging alliance agreement between BWIA and LIAT initiated in October 2002. The strategic alliance was signed by both carriers to provide all customers with an improved service within the Caribbean utilising one airline code. This benefits customers by offering more advantageous point-to-point air fares, common baggage allowances, through check-in, and boarding passes for their entire journey.
In addition, BWee Miles frequent flyer rewards are applicable on the new services, allowing the quarter of a million BWee Miles members worldwide to ‘earn and burn’ to these new BWIA destinations. It is intended that the agreement will be expanded in the coming months to include other destinations and services.
BWIA and LIAT are both committed to developing the Caribbean aviation industry to the benefit of local people and visitors to the region.  The introduction of code-sharing services will bring visible advantages to customers and highlight the potential of commercial development between the various countries of this diverse and exciting region. BWIA’s international routes will continue to be extended throughout the Caribbean and the partnership with LIAT is vital to this future development. 
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