Holford Presents Herbal Solution to Summertime Stress

For spa goers currently melting in the heat and finding it hard to relax, sleep at night or stay awake during the day, celebrity nutritionalist, Patrick Holford is suggesting we unwind with essential oils.

Patrick Holford explains; “Imagine you are standing in a courtyard filled with jasmine, inhaling the intoxicating smell of the flowers. More than likely, you`ll start to relax your shoulders and eyes, perhaps even slow your breathing. That`s because the aroma of certain essential oils can have a direct effect on how you think and feel, thanks to their effect on the olfactory nerves of your brain, where they can chill you out in an instant.”
To test this phenomenon, researchers at Duke University in North Carolina sprayed essential oils inside several New York subway cars. After comparing the number of pushes, shoves and nasty comments in scented cars versus those in unscented cars, they found that certain spicy fragrances cut aggressive acts almost in half.
“Lavender is one of the most effective relaxing scents. It promotes alpha waves - the brain wave pattern that causes deep relaxation. Other essential oils that promote alpha brain waves include marjoram, orange, rosewood and sandalwood”, concludes Holford.