World Golf Championship Final to be Held in Martinique

Anthony Bevan, President of World Travel Golf å- an affiliation of World Travel Group å- has announced the agenda for the World Travel Golf Championships 2003. The line-up features courses from across the globe including the Caribbean Island of Martinique.
3 Games have already been played in the 14 round tournament and the winning team of four from this heat will progress to the final to be hosted in Martinique. They were played on course`s in St. Lucia, Ireland and France.
Bevan said of the initial heat, ‘The golf played in the first rounds was of a very high standard. So far it has been a very professional tournament with all involved having a thoroughly good time.’

Tournament Dates
  1. St. Lucia - 25th October - Golf & Country Club
  2. Ireland - 10th April - Dublin
    Which have been confirmed:
  3. Switzerland - 13th July - Golf Club de Bonmoul
  4. France - 17th July - Relais Chateaux
  5. Scotland - 21st July - St Andrews Bay
  6. England - 24th July - West Hill GC
  7. Italy - 27th July - Golf le Rovedine
  8. Wales - 28th July - Blackwell GC
    Still to be confirmed:
  9. Martinique - July 2003 - Martinique Golf and Country Club
  10. USA - July 2003 - Organised by World Golf Hospitality of Atlanta Belgium
  11. Belgium - July 2003 - Organised Exclusive Destinations Gent (member of IAGTO)
  12. Germany - July 2003 - Organised by International Association of Golf Tour Operators
  13. Spain - July 2003 - Organised by Team Sport Espana

All winning teams of four golfers from each country will qualify to represent their country at the 2003 Finals at the Martinique Golf and Country Club 16th-21st October 2003. The final date has been changed due to the now once weekly direct flight from Dégaulle Paris to Martinique.
‘By sponsoring this event we are encouraging the growth of tourism on our beautiful and diverse island. It is a very exciting event, we believe that the golfing fraternity offer a very high level of tourism, and we also see golf as bringing a great deal of visitors to Martinique,’ said Martinique’s President of Tourism, M. Miguel Laventure.

Main Sponsors include, Martinique Tourism Board (ODMT), World Travel Group. Flights from Europe sponsored by Air France. Transfers in Martinique sponsored by Carib Recept. Hotels in Martinique are sponsored by Kalenda Resort Hotel, Cap Est Lagoon Resort and Sofitel Bakoua (Accor Group). Golf Course Sponsored by Martinique Golf Club.
‘You could not ask for a better Golf Course to play such a prestigious final, those involved in the event will indeed have one of the greatest games of their lives,’ added Bevan.

Prize’s to be announced later in the week. Caribbean Weekly will be the first to report any breaking news regarding the World Travel Golf Championships.