The Medical Spa Association Goes International

The Medical Spa Association has announced its recent name change to the International Medical Spa Association. In response to increased international developments in the medical spa arena, the organisation was founded to support alliances, professional growth, industry standards and consumer awareness for this emerging field. 

In affiliation with the Day Spa Association founded in 1991, the International Medical Spa Association works closely with industry members and associations in defining guidelines for the medical spa industry. Through information exchange, networking and educational events, it builds alliances between spas, medical facilities, medical and health care professionals, spa professionals, industry consultants, architects, designers, product manufacturers and distributors. 

The founding board consists of industry leaders in spa, medicine, healthcare, product development and distribution, education, business and marketing. Committed to furthering the advancement of integrating medical and non-medical services in new models of spa and proactive healthcare delivery, they are exploring numerous new and revolutionary ways in the educational arena of this fast growing specialised field of medicine and spa.

The International Medical Spa Association was formed in 2002 under the leadership of Hannelore Leavy, Executive Director of the Day Spa Association. The International Medical Spa Association membership includes naturopathic and osteopathic physicians; dentists, internists, dermatologists and plastic surgeons; physical and massage therapists; spa owners, spa consultants, medical spa facility designers, product manufacturers, and product suppliers.