Take a Stake and Win

Is the Caribbean the place for you, if you`re looking to add some gambling spice to your vacation? You bet it is!
On beautiful islands from Antigua and Aruba to St Kitts and St. Maarten, Lady Luck is waiting for you. We have world-class casinos offering the full range of gaming thrills in destinations such as the Bahamas, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic or the US Virgin Islands. In some places you’ll find local house rules apply - for that extra challenge.
Many Caribbean casinos are built in the Las Vegas style, while others re-create European chic. Most of them are in luxury hotels, so your time at the tables can be part of an evening’s entertainment.
Some are open 24 hours a day - and for absolute beginners there are gaming courses, so you don’t have to learn the hard way.
And on islands including Barbados, Jamaica and Nevis, horse racing gives visitors and islanders the perfect combination of outdoor gaming, excitement and spectacle.
Whatever your choice of chance and skill - all the big card games, dice, roulette, slot machines or horses - you’ll find it the Caribbean.