GBT and Heritage Theatre Company launch Spice Laugh 2003

Grenada, located in the crystal waters of the Caribbean, is pushing its appeal to tourists with the
introduction of the Spice Laugh Festival. Originally launched in December 2002, the festival is another cultural product idea set up to enhance Grenadas appeal as a holiday/vacation

Through research it has been established that there is a growing demand amongst tourists for fun, excitement, activity and participation whilst on holiday/vacation. The festival will therefore
include comedy, story-telling, inland tours, childrens games, riverside expeditions, folklore, fun
sports, local food and lots more. Local and regional artistes are being sourced to assist with the program of events.

Conceptualized by the Grenada Board of Tourism and named after well-respected Grenadian playwright Ricardo Keens Douglas, the 3-day event is penciled in for April 11 - 13, 2003. At the
launch, Christopher Ed Riggs, Director of Heritage Theatre Company, the company contracted to organise the project, stressed that every effort will be made to make the festival as diverse as

Director of Tourism, William Joseph, sees the objective of the Spice Laugh Festival as being to highlight the boards intention of stimulating higher visitor spending, encouraging more people to visit the island and promoting community tourism.