ANZ Expands Code Share with Air Canada

Air New Zealand will expand its current code share relationship with Air Canada as from 23 January, to include seating on Air Canada flights from Los Angeles to Calgary and Montreal, as well as the airline`s services operating to Vancouver and Toronto from Los Angeles.

In turn, Air Canada will code share on Air New Zealand`s services between Auckland & Los Angeles (NZ 5 & NZ 6) and Sydney & Los Angeles.

Air New Zealand`s Senior Vice President Sales and Distribution, Norm Thompson said that the code expansion marks a major shift in Air New Zealand`s relationship with Air Canada.

“As members of the Star Alliance, Air New Zealand and Air Canada have had a co-operative working relationship for some years with reciprocal code share arrangements.

“This recent arrangement is the outcome of our work together to encourage more Canadians to visit New Zealand and likewise for New Zealanders to visit Canada, ” said Mr Thompson.


New Zealand has become an increasingly popular destination for Canadian tourists. Visitor arrivals from Canada for 12 months to July 2002 were 37,500 - an increase of 7% on the preceding year.

Air New Zealand currently code shares on Air Canada services between Honolulu & Vancouver, Honolulu & Toronto, Los Angeles & Vancouver, and Los Angeles & Toronto; while Air Canada code shares on Air New Zealand flights between Los Angeles & Auckland (NZ1 & NZ2) and Honolulu & Auckland.