Seamobile New Addition

In the beginning of October Cayman Submariners will get a new Submarine from the Seamagine Hydrospace Corporation in Catalina, California.  The addition of the new Submarine will double the capacity and vary the product offering of Cayman Submariners, which continues to have the only Seamobile operating on coral reefs on the planet.
The fully submersible submarine has 360- degree views through a transparent viewing sphere and can only accommodate two at a time.  Passengers can communicate with the pilot about the marine life during the course of the dive, and are invited to “steer”. General Manager Simon Boxall said ” we considering a ship wreck site or possibly a new unknown dive site for the second sub.  With small private groups and a fast speedboat, we can afford to get away from the heavily dived zones in the harbour area.”
Currently the Seamobile is operating on the Mesa dive site, which was described by popular Cayman Islands dive chronicler Lawson Wood as “the site with the most fish I have ever seen in one small area in the Cayman Islands.” 
For more details, visit or call (345) 916-3483.