E-City Expresses Support for Connexion

E-City Software last week expressed optimism and support in its involvement in the Connexion By Boeing broadband aircraft internet deployment.
“Connexion By Boeing is the world`s only viable broadband, two-way Internet solution for the in-flight market. Boeing is the defense and aerospace world leader, with the largest market share in commercial aviation worldwide.” Commenting on reports that three major US Carriers Delta, United and American, had dropped financial support for Connexion By Boeing, E-City Software CEO Anis Jessa expressed E-City`s commitment to Boeing and the future of the Connexion project. “Boeing certainly has the financial resources to deploy Connexion without funding from the airlines, who have been experiencing financial difficulties due to the events of September 11th. Broadband Internet in the air is inevitable and Boeing will be the dominant carrier. Once perspective has been regained regarding commercial aviation, the same financial and technological realities which drove Connexion`s inception will drive its success.”

“For E-City Software, there is a tremendous opportunity in Connexion`s refocus on real-time, in-flight security. Our 3D DefenseMap product creates an opportunity for us to participate in a renewed security focus. We are more excited about Connexion`s possibilities and prospects than we have ever been. According to National Defense Magazine, a leading industry publication, `Increased C4I Spending-Procurement spending is expected to rise to about $50 billion. A good deal of that spending will be driven by increased investment in information technology and command, control, communications, computers and intelligence (C4I) systems.` Boeing is uniquely positioned to take advantage of that growth, and we will continue to support their efforts in any way possible.”

E-City Software, Inc. is a developer of interactive 3D maps and visualization tools for cities around the world. E-City sells its products to customers on the basis of both annual licensing fees and revenue share arrangements. E-City`s customers include governments, private industry, and aerospace and defense contractors. E-City distributes its products directly to its customers, through arrangements with strategic partners and through its network of distributors and value added resellers.