webValidator From iPerceptions.

iPerceptions Inc. has introduced webValidator Travel.
This is specifically designed to capture and distill critical information for web sites within the travel sector.
webValidator Travel provides management with strategic direction for site enhancements to significantly increase online reservations, reduce abandonment rates and improve retention. Action-oriented reports present powerful insights into key focus areas including navigation, content, security, customer satisfaction and membership. With webValidator Travel, companies can build sustainable competitive advantage by more closely aligning their site with targeted user groups` needs, wants and expectations.

iPerceptions` leading solution, webValidator, captures actual user feedback in a structured framework to strategically direct site enhancements for maximizing ROI. iPerceptions` diverse client base represents over 20 industry sectors and includes Alcan Inc., Bayer Pharmaceuticals, CBS MarketWatch.com, AOL Canada Inc. and Holiday Inn.

The company`s corporate offices are located in New York City and Montreal, Canada. Sales offices are located in New York, Toronto, Montreal and London, England.