TRX And Gelco System for Government Travel.

TRX and Gelco Information Network have announced an agreement that provides government agencies with a single automated application for end-to-end travel authorization, online booking, and expense management. Working in unison, TRX`s ResAssist online booking tool and Gelco`s Travel Manager deliver substantial cost savings by increasing efficiencies and integrating travel data between the applications. The seamless interface between these systems allows federal travelers and travel managers to access all travel data in one location—Gelco Travel Manager. TRX`s ResAssist software allows federal travelers to search and confirm government fares.

Gelco Travel Manager automates the government travel planning, pre-trip approval, and expense processing process. “Federal travel managers now have access to a unique combination of technologies that ensures policy compliance, increases online booking efficiencies and incorporates travel data into a streamlined cost effective process,” said Jon Klem, Gelco`s president and CEO.

TRX introduced the ResAssist application to the federal government in 2000. The first online booking system tailored to meet federal standards, the technology is currently used by five major federal agencies. The software enables travelers to quickly access government contract fares, ensuring that negotiated rates are utilized whenever possible. Federal agency managers deploying both TRX and Gelco solutions won Government Executive Travel Manager of the Year Awards in 2000 and 2001.

Gelco Travel Manager provides government agencies with a sophisticated web-based pre-trip approval and per-diem-based travel expense management application. Travel Manager can reside on the client`s system or be hosted by Gelco and provides direct integration with existing financial accounting and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems. More than 120 government agencies and activities utilize Gelco Travel Manager today.

“This agreement formalizes a successful working relationship with significant potential in the government travel marketplace,” said Steve Reynolds, TRX Executive Vice President. “Federal travel systems are ripe for automation. The integration of these tools will set a new standard for cost containment and efficient management of government travel budgets.”