International Organisations Deliver Manifesto on Tourism

An unprecedented travel and tourism industry coalition of associations
from around the world has come together in this time of crisis to deliver a
manifesto today outlining a road to recovery for the industry, at World Travel
Market in London.
The global coalition made up of private sector industry organisations has
outlined three key priorities that both governments and industry must address
to ensure a fast recovery to the ailing sector:

  1.  Promote the Implementation of Enhanced Security Measures;

  2.  Encourage People to Travel;

  3.  Promote Policies for Sustainable Travel and Tourism.

  “This manifesto is the first step forward towards rebuilding travel and
tourism worldwide,” says Jean-Claude Baumgarten, President of the World Travel
& Tourism Council, a key initiator of the Global Coalition.  “Tourism is one
of the biggest industries in the world, and a key economic provider
responsible for ten percent of GDP worldwide,” continued Mr. Baumgarten.  “It
is therefore essential that all stakeholders—governments and private sector
—play a part in the recovery of the industry.”
The manifesto addresses the need for a multi-government partnership to
ensure that measures to strengthen security are effective, harmonised
internationally and applied globally, helping to restore consumer confidence
in travel and tourism.  Restoration of consumer confidence depends on the need
for new safety enhancements and security measures to be communicated to the
public, the paper continues.  The Coalition also recommends short-term
initiatives by governments to help stabilise the travel and tourism industry,
which has been badly shaken in the aftermath of the September 11 attacks in
the United States.
The signatories to the statement represent the major sectors of travel and
tourism, one of the world`s largest and most diverse industries.  Airlines,
hotels, manufacturers, tour operators, convention and visitors bureaux, travel
related services, credit card and rental companies, have all been affected by
decreased demand in the wake of the terrorist attacks in the United States.
The representatives believe their efforts will demonstrate unity and
leadership to help restore public confidence and an early return to “business
as usual” in the travel and tourism industry.  WTTC figures show that the
travel and tourism industry generates US$4,494 billion in economic activity;
approximately 11% of GDP worldwide, and employs 8.2% of total world employment
(207 million jobs worldwide).



  The Global Coalition will launch the manifesto at a Centre Stage event at
World Travel Market, London, 1630h, Monday, November 12, 2001.
A copy of the Manifesto is available upon request, or available at:

    Global Coalition Partners:

    Airports Council International

    American Hotel & Lodging Association

    American Society of Travel Agents

    Association of European Airlines

    Caribbean Tourism Organisation

    European Travel and Tourism Action Group

    European Tour Operators Association

    International Association of Convention and Visitors Bureau

    International Air Transport Association

    International Federation of Tour Operators

    International Hotel & Restaurant Association

    National Tour Association
    Pacific Asia Travel Association

    Travel Business Roundtable

    Universal Federation of Travel Agents Association

    United States Tour Operators Association

    World Travel & Tourism Council