Shepherd Systems Launches Market Intelligence Online Suite

Internet-Based Suite of Systems Identifies and Targets Market Share and Revenue Opportunities
Shepherd Systems, a subsidiary of Galileo International, Inc. (NYSE: GLC) and a leading provider of marketing intelligence software and services for the travel industry, announced the release of its new suite of systems at its Global Customer Forum, in Long Boat Key, Florida.  The new Market Intelligence Online (MIO) suite of systems provides a powerful solution through effectively integrating an airline’s distribution, marketing, and sales efforts in pursuit of increased market share and revenue.  The suite comprises executive monitoring tools, mid-management control tools, sales force automation, incentive creation tools and an audit control system.
Managing an airline’s global market position and establishing a common sales strategy is increasingly difficult due to marketing alliances, a more complex distribution system, changing intermediary relationships and more geographically distributed customers and sales activities.  The MIO suite uses the methodology of identifying “top revenue markets” globally and helps create an overall strategic and tactical sales plan to maximize revenue for the entire airline.  It opens up the lines of communication between the sales and marketing distribution organization and the executive team to ensure the goals and objectives are being executed and measured.
“The new suite of systems received an overwhelmingly positive response from our customers at the Global Customer Forum because it precisely targets and answers their most pressing needs,” said Mike Malik, president and CEO of Shepherd Systems.  “We have developed the MIO suite of sophisticated intelligence applications to help maximize airlines’ return on investment (ROI) in their purchase of Marketing Information Data Transfer (MIDT).  We have ensured it becomes part of a broader information exchange at all levels of the sales and marketing organization to set and monitor goals globally rather than regionally to drive greater financial returns.”
The new Marketing Intelligence Online suite of systems includes:

Shepherd Systems, founded in 1983, is a subsidiary of Galileo International, Inc. (NYSE: GLC), and an industry leader in the provision of sales and marketing intelligence systems and services within the travel industry.  The company’s loyal customer base includes 45 international and U.S. major airlines.  Shepherd Systems is a leader in airline marketing intelligence and sales force automation products.  These products include: executive information, sales manager and sales representative systems that integrate travel agent Global Distribution Service bookings (MIDT), flown revenue and Airline Reporting Corporation/Bank Settlement Plan sales data.  In addition, Shepherd Systems is also the exclusive reseller of Galileo MIDT.  For more information about Shepherd Systems, visit