Spa Hyatt Survey Reveals Similarity of the Sexes

According to the latest research by Spa Hyatt, when it comes to spa treatments, men are going feet firstå...
The online survey of 450 adults sheds light on differences and surprising similarities between men and women when it comes to visiting a spa. Respondents were asked a series of questions from the benefits of a spa visit to the celebrity they would most like to have a coupleså’ massage with.

Picture:Couple’s Massage featured at the Hyatt Grand Champions Resort and Spa near Palm Springs, California.

Not surprisingly, a massage is still the most popular spa treatment among both men and women. But men did reveal in a recent survey conducted for Hyatt Resorts, by Taylor Nelson Sofres Intersearch, that after a massage they would prefer attention to their feet with a reflexology treatment - and if Halle Berry were there with them, even better. Twenty-five percent of male respondents also said they had received a spa pedicure, while less than three out of 10 men have facials.

Responses among men and women further illustrate a trend that spas are no longer thought of as
a place for women only or just a luxurious indulgence. Fifty-two percent of men and women said they had received a spa treatment in the past year. Men and women also agree that visiting a spa is a way to be good to yourself - the majority of both sexes no longer view a spa visit as a splurge, but more as a part of life. Recent world events seem to have had little impact on survey participant’s spa habits; only 13 percent said recent events have increased their spa visits.

Celebrity Choice

When asked who they would most like to have a couples massage with, the results indicate that women tend to be more romantic than men (or maybe men are just more honest) - more than 75 percent of the women said they would prefer their significant other over any celebrity. George Clooney was a distant runner-up, 13.2 percent; followed by Brad Pitt, 5.3 percent; and Colin Farrell and Denzel Washington, 2.2 percent each. Only 53 percent of the men reported preferring their significant other, followed by Halle Berry, 13.7 percent; Nicole Kidman, 11.9 percent; Jennifer Lopez, 9.7 percent; and Jennifer Garner, 8.4 percent.


Full Frontal

When questioned about their spa attire during a massage, more men are likely to bare all (38 percent), while women are most apt to wear just enough to cover key areas (42 percent).

Greatest Benefit of a Spa Visit

While men and women may agree that a spa visit is worthwhile, the benefit that keeps them coming back for more differs. Forty three percent of women say the greatest benefit after a spa visit is feeling pampered and taken care of, while the greatest proportion of men feel re-energised and recharged.

America - North, South, East and West

Regardless of the region, massages reign supreme. An overwhelming number of respondents (86 percent) have received a massage in the past two years. And as might be expected, Botox treatments were most prevalent in the West (11 percent). Participants from the Northeast have thus far been more experimental with 14 percent receiving Ayurvedic treatments. Feeling recharged and re-energised is the reason people from the Northeast, Midwest and West go to spas, but a large proportion of Southerners go to feel pampered.

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