American Day Spa & Medical Spa Directory

The Day Spa Association and The International Medical Spa Association`s 2003-2004 Directory is now available. The annual American guide to day spas, medical spas, spa products and service companies, now in its 12th year of publication, has been expanded to 40 pages following an increase in membership of almost 40 percent since its last publication. 

This year marks the first-ever published listing of Medical Spas and Medical Spa Services & Products - making it the foremost Medical Spa Directory, the only such information source available to the industry and consumers. Sectioned into major member categories, the directory’s format gives details of the various designation of spas referenced as Day Spa, Salons offering Spa Services, Destination/Resort Spas, Wellness Centres, Medical Spas, Anti-Aging Certified or affiliated with a Health Clubs. 

The Essence of a Day Spa is spelled out in the Day Spa Directory and the Day Spa Association has set guidelines that will help consumers` awareness of what should be expected from a Day Spa. “In our Directory we clearly show the difference between a true Day Spa and a Salon offering Spa services, calling themselves Salon & Day Spa, Spalon and other names”, states Hannelore R. Leavy the Association’s Founder and Executive Director.

In addition, the International Medical Spa Association has also defined distinct guidelines about the four major types of medical spas, again to give the consumer a clear understanding what to expect when choosing medical spa services and treatments. It also sets the standard within the medical spa community.

Leavy continues, “These guidelines clearly enable the consumer to distinguish a true day spa from a salon offering a few spa services. It is vital in order not to mislead the public into thinking they are in a day spa when they are actually receiving a service in a salon setting which has an emphasis on hair cuts and acrylic nails. Our hope is that once a person is exposed to spa treatments they will seek the true spa setting.”


“It is an educational process; salons offering just a few services, as long as they are administered by licensed personnel in a clean environment, are introducing clients, who may never have otherwise been exposed to the concept, to the spa-lifestyle. This is great for the spa industry, as we would like to see many people eventually adapt the spa lifestyle, including spa vacations and lifestyle changes, helping those lead longer and healthier lives feeling and looking great,” concludes Leavy. 

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Article Date - [ 22/06/03 ]