The Alquimia Spa

The Alquimia Spa in York is the first of its kind in the country.  The spa`s
modern philosophy is based on the application of ancient techniques to modern
problems.  Alquimia is based on the Spanish School of Aromatherapy, which
dates from the Middle Ages and is the oldest of all.  Medieval alchemists
spoke of essential oils as being the soul or mind of plants, and as such,
their most spiritual and powerful components.  Alquimia believe that pure
essential oils help to maintain or re-establish harmony between mind and body.

The Alquimia Spa will help your body to rejuvenate, improve your health, your
looks and your general well being.  It is a place where we invite you to
relax from the day-to-day stress inflicted by today`s increasingly
consumerist society: a hectic pace of life or a mental burden, which
progressively saps and drains your energy.

The Spa`s team consists of fully qualified professionals working in all
fields.  As part of our team we have a General Practitioner specialising in
stress therapy, a Physiotherapist, Reflexologists, Aromatherapists, Beauty
Therapists, Creative Hair Stylists, Technicians and Make-up Artists.  We
cater to the whole body in the belief that true well-being starts with good
health and happiness, feeling wonderful and looking fantastic!

Our company philosophy revolves around a respect of nature.  We use and sell
products from companies who work in a Spiritual way, respecting the
environment and participating in fair trade.

Our main brand of Spa products is also called Alquimia from Spain.  Using
nature`s purest plant energies and with the love and knowledge of the ancient
traditions of Alchemy and Perfumery from Spain during the Middle Ages,
Alquimia create authentically natural and original body/mind care products
which have a purity and power second to none in the marketplace.