Cendant`s WizCom Contracts

Cendant subsidiary, WizCom International, a leading supplier of reservation and information management systems for the travel industry, has signed contracts with Luxe Worldwide Hospitality (Luxe), Jolly Hotels SpA (Jolly) and ScanRes to implement Wizcom`s stateof-the-art reservations booking technology.
Luxe and Jolly will be implementing WizCom`s FastConnect, a flexible EDS that offers hotels quick and cost-effective connectivity for bookings through the major GDS, while ScanRes will be provided with GDS connectivity through WizCom`s Wizdom reservation system or switch as it is commonly called.
Luxe and Jolly signed a contract for WizCom`s Fastconnect, which will provide GDS connectivity for more than 200 of Luxe`s hotel properties and resorts around the world, including Boutique Hotels of Australia and Jarvinen Worldwide Hotels, and 45 Jolly Hotels in Italy.
FastConnect also enables WizCom`s Internet Distribution System and TravelWiz, which respectively enable bookings over major Internet sites and creates a powerful booking engine on Luxe`s Web site.
The FastConnect system is independent and does not require hotels to build an interface with their existing central reservations system. Its cost is based on the number of transactions processed, in addition to the initial set-up costs. FastConnect also supports WizCom`s TravelWiz, an optional Internet booking engine that enables hotels to process real-time reservations at their own Web site.